Home is Where Your Story Begins, Year of Jubilee, and Restoration were painted during the pandemic as a way to create hope during a challenging time.

These mixed media collages are maps and landscapes of real and imagined journeys.

They remind me of the running routes for long runs layered with the actual experience of the wind, the conversation of old friends, crunching of the snow underfoot, the smell of the farmland, and the icicles forming on eyelashes.

I begin with patches of color, and then add some magazine or textured paper, and then I scratch into the pastel or paint.  I hope they will inspire others to go for a walk on a windy day or to notice the beauty of walking through a lonely time of unemployment.

Wherever we are, we are always on a journey to the next place, and though the territory may seem unmapped, later we will marvel at each tunnel and mountain top.