Over three decades of creating

Heather Jean was raised in the 70’s by her single mother who sewed clothing, embroidered, and hung her macrame art from the walls. From a young age she learned to create art out of everything from Mc Donald’s containers to acorns.

After receiving an MFA in creative writing and studying in Germany and Michigan, she moved to New Mexico where she was inspired by the colorful folk art. Her series, called “God’s Eyes” combines bold folk-art colors and yarn textures on a large scale.  These works captivate and surprise as she weaves stories that celebrates how our differences keep life interesting.

Recycled Materials

Heather has taught writing, reading, and aesthetic education at Western Michigan University and elementary schools throughout Kalamazoo county.   She has received multiple grants and awards in Western Michigan Area shows and at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.

She has displayed her work at galleries in New Mexico, Ohio, and Michigan. Her Covid Purse Diary collection of foraged and found materials documenting the pandemic was featured on news stations in both Ohio and Michigan.

Heather travels throughout the United States with her husband to visit her creative adult children and doing triathlons and marathons.


Center for New Media Group Show “The Colors of [un]Common Childhood”-Kalamazoo, Michigan 2023

Monroe Community Church “The Colors of [un]Common Childhood-Grand Rapids, Michigan 2023

Tempo Vino Art Show “God’s Eyes”–Kalamazoo, Michigan 2023

Center for New Media Alumni Art Show-Kalamazoo, MI 2023

Epic Center Group Show “Blended Narratives”-Kalamazoo, Michigan 2023

Kalamazoo College “Covid Purse Diary”-Kalamazoo, Michigan 2022

Artprize“God’s Eyes”–Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids, Michigan 2022

Center for New Media Alumni Art Show “God’s Eyes” -Kalamazoo,MI 2022

University of Michigan Hospital “Beauty in My World: Purses and God’s Eyes”-Ann Arbor, Michigan 2022

Artprize “Covid Purse Diary”-Grand Rapids, Michigan 2021

Tikkun Farm “Covid Purse Diary” -Cincinnati, Ohio 2021

Art in a Time of Corona “Covid Purse Diary”-Online gallery 2021

The Crow’s Nest  “Face Series” – Vine Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2020

Consumer Credit Union Art Hop “Abstract Series” – Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2018

J-Bird Vintage “Abstract & Face Series” – Vine Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2015

Fire Historical & Cultural Arts Collaborative  “Abstract Painted Series” – Portage Rd, Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2015

Waterstreet Coffee Joint “Abstract Oil Pastels & Paintings Series” – Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2014

Webster’s Prime Restaurant “Large Mixed Media Face Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2014

Caffé Casa “Large Mixed Media Face Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2013

Rottenstone Pottery, “Painted Series” Taos, New Mexico – 2010

Waterstreet Coffee Joint “Mixed Meida Painting Series” W. Main Street Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2009

Arts Council of Kalamazoo “Mixed Meia Painted Door Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2008

Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts “Wall Mural” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2007

Edison Neighborhood “Wall Mural” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2006

Tromblay Salon and Gallery “Painted Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2005

Habitat for Humanity “Wall Mural” Home Bar in Kalamazoo, MI – 2005

Moon and Stars “Oil Pastel & Collage Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2004

Powell Library “Oil Pastel & Collage Series” Kalamazoo, Michigan – 2003

Glen Vista Gallery “Oil Pastel Collage Series” Kalamazoo Nature Center – 2002

Tierra Hermosa Gallery  “Oil Pastel Collage Series” Taos, New Mexico – 2002