I love to view art in a cozy environment.  Living with it over time, I notice new things. My mother used to have a Picasso print of a woman crouching in a fetal position.  As a child, I always thought it was a fist rather than a back.  Now when I visit, I see the backbone rather the knuckles.  Later, my best friend in college had a Helen Frankenthaler print on her wall, and I could almost hear music coming through the color. I remember her then: the Cure playing, a bowl of fruit on her kitchen table, and the vivid colors of that print.

Waterstreet Coffee Joint is a place where people go to relax, chat with friends, or just try to get a little homework done.  My art show gives a vivd display of the rich colors of spring moving into fall.  Colors are visual caffeine motivation, and the cafe is always hopping.  Not only does each piece create a mood, but they take the viewer on a trip.Even as customers focus on writing an essay, they are absorbing the mood of the artwork, just as I absorbed the artwork on my childhood home without a word spoken about art history.