I saw goggled eyes and a giant tube coming out of the masked mouth area, all behind a plexiglass shield.  Was this a science fiction dream?  No, this is what going to the dentist looks like now.    These brave front-line astronaut/medical workers have my hot germs fogging up their faces as they go about their day trying to make cheery conversation as they fill cavities and clean teeth like Dart Vader.  And I complain about putting on a mask!I closed my eyes and imagined my next Covid purse, and I knew it had to include plexiglass.  Plexiglass shields are a hot commodity and everyone seems to have become virtual, beyond touch, beyond a visible smile.  I’m glad I’m not a girl in a bubble forever and this is just a passing pandemic.  Some people have really gotten creative with their plastic at restaurants.  On a positive note, the shields supposedly enhance aromas.  Too bad my breath inside my mask doesn’t smell that good.