I made a lot of mistakes as a parent, but one thing I will never regret is getting this 3-seater stroller and going for jogs around town with my 3 preschoolers.  Inside the house my twins would smear their toys all over the house and crumbs would litter the floor as I tried to mop up yet another cup of cold coffee they had knocked over.  Once we got outside, however, life was as magical as Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  The sun came up like a teletubby head and we rolled down the road to museums, libraries, and parks.

I wasn’t much of a runner, but this running stroller turned me into a marathon runner.  It kept my sanity, and the entire family developed a love for nature over time.  I would pick cattail wands for my kids to wave in the air and watch the seeds disperse like fairy dust.  We would marvel at the carpet of moss and ruffles of mushrooms on logs.    My son was of course obsessed with sticks and we loved discovering stick teepees in the woods.

Now that my children are grown I still like to explore nature.  Getting outside and away from the endless stream of news reports has been my summer vacation.  I see other families biking, hiking and kayaking, and I hope our country remembers how precious our natural resources are. Wonder, that’s the greatest tool for fighting climate change.