"Only what I created after the illness constitutes my real self: free, liberated.” -Matisee

In my past face paintings, I enjoyed using collage to add texture and surprise to eyes, buttons, collars, hats, or other facial elements. Recently I added paper as another abstract element to layer on my colored shapes.

Slicing through paper is a lot like taking a trip, not knowing where a road might lead.  I was suprised at the joy shapes can bring, and the questions they can introduce:  Is this shape a fork in the road?  Is it nestling around the other shape?  Is it organic or a reminder of childhood?  Sometimes the random leftover cut-outs are the most interesting.

I also enjoy using both a pristine white paper, shredded letters,  and the beige handwriting paper from kindergarten for variety. Because everything seems to be going digital, paper evokes a nostalgia from a past moment  that could be torn from us at any time.