Have you taken the plunge?  I still remember the day I publicly declared my faith with my future husband, Bruce.  I wasn’t brought up as a Christian, so I spent many years exploring different faiths and churches.  The Bible says”You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”(Jeremiah 29:13-14).  When I was a young college student, I used to ride my bike to a small Christian church.  Sometimes we would all stand in a giant circle and sing hymns and gospel songs as the stained glass windows shined itheir colors over us.

However, I would have to agree with the saying that “going to a church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile”(Billy Sunday).  I hadn’t really surrendered all my life to the Lord until I had gotten married and was raising my babies.  Being a mother finally awakened in my heart the need to surrender and serve a power more mysterious and awesome than I had ever imagined. I remember this young woman sharing her testimony, and I realized I really didn’t have one.   I was talking with her and pushing a stroller and praying the prayer.  I was hoping for an out-of-body experience like ET riding his bike across the sky but I think I just went home and changed diapers!  However, I began to actually read the Bible with understanding and talk to God more.    I found a good church with friends that I attended for years, but I didn’t consider baptism until Radiant church invited new members.    Making a public declaration with Bruce before we got married felt almost as special as the wedding.

Committing your life to Christ is personal, but God wants us to shine like a city on a hill.  When you come out of the water, your hair is not as fluffy, but you are wet like the day you were born.  You have a family of believers that will pray for you and remind you that you belong to the same Father.  They even ask favors like bringing dessert to the potluck or rocking the babies.

The baptism in this painting may not be obvious at first.  There are mountains, curving streets that run past houses with people asleep or busy tending the stove.  We are caught in the middle of a great story.  What will this man make of his life?  How will he impact his city?  I want to know,  just as much as I want to know my own story and yours.