What would the Corona virus be like if I met him on an airplane?  Mysterious for sure.  We all react to the virus in different ways, but like a stalker boyfriend, it won’t leave us alone.

Initially my concern was for people’s physical health, but now I worry about how isolated we are all becoming.  I created this purse, Winter Handbag called Loneliness as a Concealed Carry as my nightmare of winter with everyone hiding in their homes in fear.  I’m hoping it doesn’t happen, but art and poetry are always great outlets if it does!

Corona Virus Purse

Hello, my name is Corona


Haha, yes, I’ve heard all the beer jokes.

My name actually means crown

As you can see from my spiky hair.

I love to travel.

But If you ask me where I come from,

I’ll just smile like an Italian Mona Lisa.

I love all the states, New York subways, even cruise ships.

If you can’t afford to take me out to eat, I’m happy just giving hugs at a funeral.

I can even sing in the choir. Surprise parties are the best!

I’ll talk to anyone down on their luck at the bar.

Doggone it, I love people!

I’ve visited Tom Hanks in Australia and I’ve been to jail.

Everyone is too busy to visit grandma, but not this guy.

I saw you trying to hide from me at the grocery store

behind your mask as you grab the last 10 bags of Doritos.

I know I said I was just coming for spring break,

but Thanksgiving is actually my favorite.

I’ll deliver everything right to your door.

Can’t you just see us

hanging onto that greasy wishbone

Pulling back that six feet distance

Across the dinner table

and locking eyes?

I’m a nice guy, but if you cut me off

I might have to get a little ugly

and crouch in your bushes at night

with my silent revolver

called Loneliness.


By Heather Boersma